Tuesday, December 31, 2013

T'was the Night Before New Years: 2013

Once again, with deep apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

T'was the night before New Years and all through the House,
The audience readied for a new Fledermaus.
They nervously coughed, they predicted disaster,
Imagining mansions of crumbling plaster,
Imagining costumes metallic and blue,
And beloved traditions all gone . . . all askew.
Recalling the Schenk' sets so steeped in tradition,
Their curses demanded no less than perdition.

They wanted back Hagegard, wanted back Kiri,
“Why must everything new be so bleak, seem so dreary?”
They were ready to boo, they were ready to hiss, ‘er
'fore the first downbeat of Maestro A. Fischer
“A man as Orlofsky? Why it’s absolute scandal!
(And hadn’t we seen him in something by Handel?”)

“This season’s the worst, the worst and most boring,
With his Wozzeck and Two Boys, Gelb had us all snoring.
It’s his fault I say . . . no respect for tradition,
He’s killing the Met, but then that seems his mission.
We want sets that look nice we want music that’s pretty!
Not these dirges in darkness all flinty and gritty,
Bring back halcyon days of Nate Merrill and O’Hearn,
What true fans of opera most long for . . . most yearn.”

So tonight we’ll get Strauss - but in English not German,
Let’s at least hope there’s rhinestones, and Champagne and ermine,
Still, I’m of the opinion that once up goes the curtain,
It’ll be “joy uber alles,” and of that I am certain.
So in honor of opera, from Berg to Bellini
Let’s please bury all hatchets, let’s all raise a martini,
(or a glass of champagne or of cider or beer)
And ring in a grand operatic New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!


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